The benefit of the so-called Basic Allowance (Grundsicherung) can be required by all those who are in financial need, because they are not able to guarantee their basic survival.
This means that not only the unemployed can have access to the benefit but also those whose income does not suffice to cover the basic expenses, among them also the ones who have recently gone in Kurzarbeit and therefore receive a curtailed salary or the freelancers who have lost substantial income due to the crisis.


Here are the preconditions:

  • You have an age between 15 years and retirement but, mind, you are not a student (students should apply for help to the BaföG, the Federal Institute for the Promotion of Education).
  • You have residence or domicile in Germany.
  • You have the capacity to work (Erwerbsfähigkeit), which means you are not sick or disabled and therefore you are apt to work at least 3 hours per day.
  • You have not sufficient available funds (Vermögen).


How much and what:

  • A single adult is entitled to 432 euro per month.
  • If you have children, a sum between 250 and 354 euro will be added, depending on the age of your children.
  • Further calculations will be made if you have a partner living with you. Important: not only married couples but also non-married couples are considered part of a family unit, a „Bedarfsgemeinschaft“: the Jobcenter will therefore calculate the incomes of all the people participating in a familiar/residential unit.
  • The housing costs (rental and utilities) are covered (with supporting invoices).
  • Health Insurance costs as well, completely for public health insurances, basic for the private ones.
  • Mind: there is no coverage for work-related expenses (like rental and utilities of an office)


The application for Arbeitslosengeld II can also be done per phone, e-mail or letter at the Jobcenter of your neighbourhood. Here you can find and download all the forms: https://www.arbeitsagentur.de/arbeitslos-arbeit-finden/download-center-arbeitslos#1478809808529


The processing times are not clear, especially during this difficult period, but it is important to know, that once your application will have been accepted, the benefit will be paid retroactively from the moment of your request.


The new rules due to the Corona Crisis:
The German government has decided to notably ease access to the basic allowance through a new Sozialschutz-Paket for social protection which simplifies and speed up the procedures.
Here to follow the facilitations:

  • If you already are receiving the allowance from the Jobcenter and you should have extended the grant in this period, it is alright: until the 30.08.2020 they will automatically renew the concession and go on in paying you, also without the need for you to apply again or give further documentation.
  • If you apply between March and the 30th of June 2020 you will not be asked about your savings up to 6 months after your application. You have nonetheless to declare that you have not sufficient funds at disposal. At the moment and just for the crisis you can have up to a maximum of 60.000 euro of personal funds (among banking and saving accounts, jewels as well as life insurance).
  • Always if you apply between March and the 30th of June 2020 you receive full help for your apartment expenses, regardless of the amount.
  • Good to know: if you have sufficient funds for you but not to cover the expenses of your children you can also apply for the access to the supplemental child allowance, in German Kinderzuschlag. For this specific topic have a look here: https://tkare.de/en/corona-crisis-and-facilitation-for-the-kinderzuschlag/


If you need help in filling the forms this is a service we provide. You can write us to: support@tkare.de.


Source : https://www.arbeitsagentur.de/corona-faq-grundsicherung