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Lucrezia Butera


Hello, I am Lucrezia and have a degree in General Psychology and a specialization in Criminal Psychology both from the University of Turin (Italy). I am actually part of a Master program in Neurosciences at the Humboldt-University of Berlin and another in Clinical Psychodiagnostics at the Irpsi of Milan.
I offer services related to: individual support (for teen-agers and adults), couple and family support, parenting support as well as Mindfulness (treatment of panic and anxiety disorders). Specific focus on helping overcome crisis episodes, transitional and critical phases and issues. Psychological assessments through conversation and tests.

E-mail address: psicologia@tkare.de

Claudia Cesa

Systemic Couple and Family Therapist (SG)

Living in Berlin since 2011. After the degree in Genaral Psychology (BSc) I attended a Master Degree in Social Science and Pedagogy (MAs) at the Alice Salomon Hochschule in Berlin. In 2019 I specialized in Systemic Couple and Family Therapy at Berliner Institut für Familientherapie (SG). I work since 2014 in the context of Socialwork under mandate of the Jugendamt.
I offer service related to: Couple Therapy, Family Therapy, Parenting Support, Psychosocial- and Integration Support.

Email: info@claudiacesa.de

Novella Cocetta

Coach & Trainer

My name is Novella, I was born in Friuli, I am a coach and a specialist in training and development in adults. I have a master’s degree in Business Administration and I am in the process of certifying as an ICF coach. I worked in the human resources department of Piaggio Vietnam and Fiat Chrysler China before moving on to consultancy for international clients. For several years I lived between Asia, Europe and New York, and now I live between Berlin and Udine: I am used to dealing with remote and above all multicultural teams. I work with individual clients as a coach and trainer: I love my work because it brings out the best in people and has a concrete impact on their personal and professional lives.

Email: coaching@tkare.de

Silvia Dallera

Music Therapist

My name is Silvia Dallera and I am a singing and music teacher, singing and music therapist. Before moving to Berlin 4.5 years ago, I worked in Italy in various music schools and psychiatric centres.
Since I was a child, I started studying music and played the transverse flute for 10 years. The passion for singing and other instruments came later during my adolescence.
I have always been passionate about music but also about psychology. After graduating from DAMS, I attended a master’s degree in Music Therapy and training in Singing Therapy, and then worked in social field.
Always passionate about voice, breathing and therapy, I started working in psychiatry and privately offering consultations and individual and online sessions. Not only for adults but also for children.
I continue to study and research therapy through voice and breath. Fundamental to me are music and the search for self and well-being through these instruments.

Email: musicoterapia@tkare.de

Martina Trabucco

Yoga Teacher

My name is Martina, as a yoga teacher, my goal is to offer a more complete and functional practice for contemporary bodies and minds, based on awareness of body, mind and breath, the balance of effort and ease and a non-judgmental approach.
I believe yoga is for everyone a great support to improve life positively. I do my best to facilitate this journey by supporting a curious, creative and explorative approach but also trying to meet everyone where they truly are, offering options and variations.
Passionate about movement in all forms, I dedicate my time learning different practices, to convey and combine some of their most valuable elements with harmony. I include exercises from pilates, postural gymnastics, different martial arts, contemporary dance, somatic experiences and Feldenkreis. As for the meditation, I offer different types of techniques such as zazen, dynamic and guided.
I teach a progressive method and style, which is founded on holistic movement and rooted in Zen (Chan) Buddhist philosophy. The method involves evidence-based movement informed by biomechanical principles (how our bodies move) and how our nervous system processes movements. I include in my teaching spinal waves, circular and spiral movements all this accompanied by bouncing and shaking the body to improve the function of our Fascia. This approach to practice can be applied to any yoga tradition and a physical activity providing a more healthy way of moving.

Email address: martina@tkare.de

Angela Monaco

Yoga Teacher

I am a physical theater artist and for many years I have worked with the body and voice as sources of creation. Yoga has always accompanied me during the training and experiences of various theater companies, until I decided to go to India to train as a yoga teacher. I have practiced many styles of Yoga in different periods of life (Vinyasa, Hatha, Acro, Hot / Bikram, Ashtanga and Yin) and now I teach Hatha Vinyasa, Yin Yoga and Chair Yoga. I like to work energetically through Vinyasa sequences but also to find a balance in the immobility of Asanas, always in harmony with the breath.
“I have always been interested and curious about the “new”, moving from one place to another, oscillating between various activities, meeting cultures and enjoying new discoveries. During all the various experiences, the practice of Yoga has always remained. For me yoga allows an expansion of time and space, where calm and energy reside, a balance necessary for life “.

Email: angela@tkare.de

Danilo Brunetti

Masseur and Yoga teacher

I am a professional dancer, hatha yoga teacher, pilates fan and ayurveda student very passionate about psycosomatic therapies. In my practice I involve several techniques, depending on the case, such as bioenergetic, marma/trigger points, deep tissues, yoga, thai, meridians, aromatherapy and many other to reach a result of wholesomeness and olistic wellbeing in your body and soul.
With my treatments you’ll get always closer to your inner core and possibly learn something about your body and spirit. Both active and sportive people as well as office workers can get good results and personalized treatments.

E-mail address: danilo@tkare.de

Giorgio De Cesare

Tax law support

After training courses in accounting and tax law, and an internship at the accountancy firm “Internationale Steuerberatung Silvia Steffen”, I started in 2019 to work as a consultant for tax returns and tax assistance at DLG Lohnsteuerverein. I am also an administrative and accounting assistant at a Steuerberater.
I offer the following services (in Italian, English, Spanish and German)

• Document translation and mediation with accountants or authorities regarding fiscal matters.
• Assistance with official forms from the Finanzamt.
• Business set-up consulting and assessment of the necessary procedures to start a self-employed or commercial activity.
• Help with the implementation of bureaucratic requirements for self-employed and commercial activities: invoicing, accounting, taxation and more.
• Generic office service and papework.

For tax returns as employees, you can contact me directly at DLG Lohnsteuerverein.

E-mail address: assistenzafiscale@tkare.de

Jafeth Mariani

Alternative Psychotherapy Practitioner

My name is Jafeth Mariani, I am Italian, born in 1969 in Monza, Milan, but I have been living in Germany for more than 20 years.
I have a strange name that comes from the Bible (a son of Noah, that of Noha’s ark) … and it seems to mean “to make room” or “to give space to others”. My parents imagined that a special name would help me not to be bullied and that it would give me a spiritual life direction. Not being bullied did not work out so well, instead, “giving space” did …

After trying different jobs, I decided to change my life and dedicate to what I always wanted to do, meaning helping people out with problems that seem insurmountable.

I decided to become an alternative psychotherapy practitioner (Heilpüraktiker für Psychotherapie), a profession that only exists in Germany. I enrolled at a psychotherapy institute (Christoph Mahr Institute, Berlin), where I learnt various psychotherapeutic and neurolinguistic techniques. Among all the courses in these 3 years of study, I also discovered hypnosis, which immediately fascinated me because it helps the client to find his own resources directly and quickly. That is why I specialized in hypnosis.

I have an office in Berlin Mitte, where I work as an alternative psychotherapy practitioner, with a focus on hypnosis. I opened a YouTube channel, where I occasionally upload hypnosis videos but also more “spiritual” support to heal the soul and I have about 15,000 followers. I organize live as well as online hypnosis courses.

Today I mainly work with German, Italian and “foreign” clients who only speak English.

Email: ipnosi@tkare.de


Miraglia Translations

Translations – Italian – German – English

Website: Italiener In Berlin


Berlin Education & Consulting

Website: bedcon.net 




I.S.I. e.V.

Initiative Selbständiger Immigrantinnen e.V.

Website: isi-ev.de/ 

Nona Care

Corporate Childcare for employers who care

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