Bureaucracy during Pregnancy Course

Take Care  welcomes you to the Course of Bureaucracy during Pregnancy in English language, dedicated to all the expats in Berlin who are about to enter the magic world of parenthood!
By participating to the course the parents-to-be will find out how to properly move through the jungle of German bureaucratic rules connected to the theme.

Duration of the course: 4 hours.
Time: from 2pm to 6.30 pm (with a 30 minutes break)
Meant for: parents-to-be
Communication to the employer (how and when to inform your employer)
Arbeitsverbot (prohibition of work)
Haushaltshilfe (domestic help)
Allowances and how to get them (Mutterschaftsgeld, Elterngeld and Kindergeld)
How to register your baby in Germany
Requested documentation for the hospital, the registration and the allowances
How to search for a Kindergarten and for a pediatrician
Health insurance for your baby
After the course you will be able to:
have a knowledge of the allowances you can get in Germany while pregnant and after birth;
have a knowledge of the application forms to fill out and the documents to attach;
be ready to face and solve problems related to a pregnancy, delivery and after-birth in a country other than yours.
Learning material:
After participating you will receive a satisfaction survey related to the course, which is precious to us in order to to better and constantly adjourn the contents of our activities. After filling it you will be able to access thorugh a link and a password the learning material made available by the staff of Tkare to the participants.
The course will happen live or online.
If you want to apply you can send an e-mail with your request to support@tkare.de
The participation fee amounts to:
– 48 euro (VAT included) per person
The course is open to a maximum of 12 people (or 6 coupIes)
*the live courses could be subject to change of date due to the current sanitary restrictions