Anyone undergoing medical treatment has the right to obtain information about their health data and the results of clinical examinations. Article § 10 paragraph 3 of the Code of Professional Conduct for Doctors obliges medical practices to keep patient medical records for at least 10 years after the end of treatment and to provide the patient with all the data contained therein if he needs them.

Sometimes it happens that for a long time medical documentation is no longer needed, but after a few years something happens that makes the need arise again. In such cases you may suddenly remember that you have lost the documentation or never asked your doctor for a copy.

What to do if after so many years you need the medical records but are no longer able to obtain the information contained in them directly from the doctor, for example because the doctor’s office no longer exists? You don’t need to get crazy or to give up, just simply contact the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Berlin (also known as KV Berlin) who can act as a mediator and trace the desired documentation on your behalf.

You need simply go to the KV Berlin website (www.kvberlin.de), fill in the application forms and send them to the address indicated or directly per Email. If your file has been taken over by a new doctor’s practice, KV Berlin will find it and will punt you in contact with the new doctor’s practice.

At the moment the service is limited to General Practitioners, Paediatricians, Specialists and Psychotherapists active in outpatient care as accredited doctors in the public health service in Berlin. It is not yet possible to provide patient records for hospitals and the dental sector.