The lockdown will last at least until the 14th of February and day-care centres will be closed except for emergency assistance (Notbetreuung). As in the first lockdown, parents can hope for a refund of the Kita fees. According to dpa (German Press Agency) discussions with institutions and municipalities are underway.

As in spring 2020, parents of crèche, kindergarten and day-care children in Bavaria could soon get their contributions back for the period of the renewed Corona lockdown. A final decision in the coalition is reportedly still pending, but according to dpa information, the topic could soon be discussed in the cabinet.


Discussions with institutions and municipalities
The responsible Ministry of Social Affairs, however, did not want to comment on this when asked. “We are observing the further development of the situation and are currently in discussion with the institutions and municipalities,” said the spokesperson for the head of the ministry, Carolina Trautner (CSU).


Emergency childcare during the lockdown
Due to concerns about a further spread of the coronavirus, there has only been guaranteed emergency assistance in Bavarian Kitas since mid-December. All parents who cannot organize their own children’s care – regardless of their occupation – are allowed to use this service.


Discussion about the Kita-fee refunds
In the past days and weeks, the claims for Kita-fee refunds for parents had become louder and louder from the ranks of the opposition. Until now, parents have had to pay the fees even if they look after the children at home. According to the decision of the Council of Ministers, the lockdown will last at least until 14th of February.
Last spring, the government decided to refund Kita fees at least partially. For this purpose, coronavirus lump sums were paid to the institutions of crèches, kindergartens and day-care centres, ranging from 150 euros for kindergarten children and up to 300 euros for crèche children. They received such sums for the months in which the facilities only offered emergency assistance and only if they renounced to ask parents to pay.
The Ministry of Finance had estimated the costs at 170 million euros, at the time. Parents who had used the service despite the lockdown did not receive any contributions back.