There are many cases of expats, who, after a longer or shorter time spent abroad, decide to go back home, for all sorts of reasons. If your going back is not meant to be temporary but  rather long-term, we suggest not to rush it: as there were many steps to be accomplished when you arrived, so it is true for the opposite.

The very first step to finalize is the unsubscription from your civil domicile (Abmeldung), as soon as you have decided when exactly to move back.

Without this document you cannot actually complete all the other necessary unsubscription procedures:

  • the closing of all your household utilities
  • the termination of your phone contracts
  • the closing of your bank account
  • the request of termination of your health insurance due to transfer
  • the communication of transfer to the German employment agency or jobcenter if you are receiving unemployment benefits or similar allowances


The application for the unsubscription from your civil domicile (Abmeldung) can be submitted also by post but we rather have you go in person to the City Hall, in order to avoid any sort of problem that could arise when you are not more in Germany. Take Care is on your side: we can literally take care of everything you need!

Important to know is that you have to communicate  by law the dress you are moving to and it be surely important, as soon as you have moved back, to put immediately your name on the door and on your mail box, so not to incur in unpleasant surprises, be that the German institutions would want to try to contact you by post.

If you need more information  about all the steps to accomplish in case of transfer, you can contact us and book a consultation.