Clorinda De Maio


Hi, I am Clorinda and have a degree in Therapy of Psychiatric Rehabilitation and a further one in Health, Care, and Nursing with specific focus and experience in Intensive Therapy, CPR and Anesthesiology. I live in Berlin since 5 years and in 2016 I founded the company “Infermieri Italiani” in order to help the Italian population resident in the city with the many facets related to the health care. Since 2019 I have been working on the Project Take Care of Khelp UG, specifically dealing with the theme of bureaucracy related to health.

Sara Tricoli

Customer Care Support and Cultural Mediation

Hi, I am Sara and I work for Take Care in the field of cultural mediation and client assistance. I am a doctor in Near Eastern Archaeology and I have dealt for my whole life with culture and mediation in Europe and the Middle East.
Referent for the English language.

Maria De Maio

Customer Care Support & Art Director

Hi, I am Maria, Art Director & Graphic Designer. I have a degree in Graphic Design from the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna, Italy and I actually work as free-lance for many European companies. The quote which motly represents me is: “I wanted to be a Rock-star but I’m a Graphic Designer instead!”..

Maurizio Costa Clari

Customer Care Support

Hi, I am Maurizio, student of Communication Design in Cologne.
I decided to collaborate with Take Care to put my expertise at disposal of those who need to integrate in the German society and to start successfully a new life in a social context different from the one they are coming from. Born and grown bilingual, I since long mediate between different societies. Working with people with different cultural backgrounds makes me feel home and I find highly stimulating helping others in the process of integration in different experiences of life.

Paolo Pierfelice

Customer Care Support

Hi, I am Paolo, I was born in Italy, in Città Sant’Angelo (Abruzzo). I have a degree in Translation and Interpreting for the German and English languages, with specialization in International Cooperation.
I am an expat since 10 years, first having lived in the UK and the USA, then mvuing to Berlin since 5 years.
I work as Hotel Front Office and freelance translator and collaborate with Take Care because I find stimulating the idea of helping people, especially in such a delicate field as the linguistic mediation.

Natalia Lemercier

Customer Care Support

I am Argentinian by birth and Italian by adoption, after having lived and studied in Turin for 12 years. My passions are Music, especially Opera (I am an opera singer and teacher) and languages (I teach Spanish and Italian).
With Take Care I work in the assistance of Spanish speaking clients about bureaucratic and health problems and any sort of help and mediation needed for the newcomers in Berlin in the process of adapting to a new life.
Referent for the Spanish, French, Italian and English language.


Lucrezia Butera


Hello, I am Lucrezia and have a degree in General Psychology and a specialization in Criminal Psychology both from the University of Turin (Italy). I am actually part of a Master program in Neurosciences at the Humboldt-University of Berlin and another in Clinical Psychodiagnostics at the Irpsi of Milan.
I offer services related to: individual support (for teen-agers and adults), couple and family support, parenting support as well as Mindfulness (treatment of panic and anxiety disorders). Specific focus on helping overcome crisis episodes, transitional and critical phases and issues. Psychological assessments through conversation and tests.

E-mail address:

Martina Trabucco

Yoga Teacher

My name is Martina, as a yoga teacher, my goal is to offer a more complete and functional practice for contemporary bodies and minds, based on awareness of body, mind and breath, the balance of effort and ease and a non-judgmental approach.
I believe yoga is for everyone a great support to improve life positively. I do my best to facilitate this journey by supporting a curious, creative and explorative approach but also trying to meet everyone where they truly are, offering options and variations.
Passionate about movement in all forms, I dedicate my time learning different practices, to convey and combine some of their most valuable elements with harmony. I include exercises from pilates, postural gymnastics, different martial arts, contemporary dance, somatic experiences and Feldenkreis. As for the meditation, I offer different types of techniques such as zazen, dynamic and guided.
I teach a progressive method and style, which is founded on holistic movement and rooted in Zen (Chan) Buddhist philosophy. The method involves evidence-based movement informed by biomechanical principles (how our bodies move) and how our nervous system processes movements. I include in my teaching spinal waves, circular and spiral movements all this accompanied by bouncing and shaking the body to improve the function of our Fascia. This approach to practice can be applied to any yoga tradition and a physical activity providing a more healthy way of moving.

Email address:

Marta Palombo

Doula / Yoga Teacher

I am Marta, born on the sea of Tuscany and arrived in Berlin in 2015. I teach yoga following the Pranayoga Method®, with the intention to share an accessible practice with profound effects. I also offer prenatal and postnatal yoga. I am a doula: I assist families during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period, to accompany their path and answer to their needs. I work in Italian and English, and I also speak German, French, Spanish and Russian.

Email address:

Angela Monaco

Yoga Teacher

I am a physical theater artist and for many years I have worked with the body and voice as sources of creation. Yoga has always accompanied me during the training and experiences of various theater companies, until I decided to go to India to train as a yoga teacher. I have practiced many styles of Yoga in different periods of life (Vinyasa, Hatha, Acro, Hot / Bikram, Ashtanga and Yin) and now I teach Hatha Vinyasa, Yin Yoga and Chair Yoga. I like to work energetically through Vinyasa sequences but also to find a balance in the immobility of Asanas, always in harmony with the breath.
“I have always been interested and curious about the “new”, moving from one place to another, oscillating between various activities, meeting cultures and enjoying new discoveries. During all the various experiences, the practice of Yoga has always remained. For me yoga allows an expansion of time and space, where calm and energy reside, a balance necessary for life “.


Danilo Brunetti

Masseur and Yoga teacher

I am a professional dancer, hatha yoga teacher, pilates fan and ayurveda student very passionate about psycosomatic therapies. In my practice I involve several techniques, depending on the case, such as bioenergetic, marma/trigger points, deep tissues, yoga, thai, meridians, aromatherapy and many other to reach a result of wholesomeness and olistic wellbeing in your body and soul.
With my treatments you’ll get always closer to your inner core and possibly learn something about your body and spirit. Both active and sportive people as well as office workers can get good results and personalized treatments.

E-mail address:


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